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SPOOKED. by Diana Rosengard 

“A supernatural tale with a strong, engaging protagonist.” - KIRKUS REVIEWS

SPOOKED. is the first book in a New Adult noir series that reads like an episode of Veronica Mars with a supernatural edge.


Callie McCayter thought enrolling at a small liberal arts college in picturesque Astoria, Oregon with her childhood best friend Izzy Miller would give her a fresh start. It’s everything Callie has always wanted: new school, new life, but never a new best friend.


Then one night, Izzy dies on her way back to campus in a hit-and-run. Callie, almost mad with

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grief, can barely leave her room. She feels haunted by Izzy’s ghost…and determined to hunt down whomever is responsible for Izzy’s death and make them pay. But as Callie begins to dig deeper into Izzy’s life and the lives of those around them, she finds it harder and harder to separate the friends from the enemies, the lies from the truth. 


Will Callie find out what really happened to Izzy? Or will the line between what is real and what isn’t become so blurred that Callie loses herself in the process?


SPOOKED. is available digitally through Barnes & Noble and Amazon or in hardcover and paperback from booksellers near you.

BURNED. by Diana Rosengard 

As Astoria College students head back to campus for a new semester, Callie McCayter finds herself returning with some extra baggage in tow—namely her dead best friend, Izzy. And that’s not the only part of the past haunting Callie these days. Her waking hours are increasingly filled with otherworldly interactions, while sleep brings nightmares of an arsonist stalking the picturesque coastal town. Callie just wants to focus on her studies—and maybe a budding romance with a boy she can’t seem to quit—but when the fires turn out to be real, the stakes grow so much higher.

Once you’ve been touched by magic, are you bound to get burned?

BURNED. is the second book in the supernatural suspense series, SPOOKED., by Diana Rosengard. BURNED. is available digitally through Barnes & Noble and Amazon or in hardcover and paperback from booksellers near you.

For more about the SPOOKED. series and the rest of Callie’s world, visit spookedseries.com.


"Rosengard thoroughly develops her paranormal mystery plot, but the heart of the tale is Callie’s growing fortitude.[...] The author’s grasp of Callie’s first-person voice is sensational[.]"

- KIRKUS REVIEWS (review of Spooked.)

"SPOOKED. had me at the edge of my seat! Perfect for readers
who like their suspense delivered with a side of snark."

 - Marni Bates, Author of AWKWARD and DIAL EM FOR MURDER