I Make Words (And So Can You!)

HHG Publishing is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with two amazing authors to create an original podcast as part of our digital media division, Snoozletime Media. I Make Words (And So Can You!) is a podcast about writing and publishing. Hosted by HHG author Diana Rosengard and YA author Marni Bates, I Make Words! is now in its second season.

It all started when Marni Bates made the mistake of sitting down at the same table as Diana Rosengard in the cafeteria of Lewis & Clark College. At the time, Marni was already a published author. Diana was just another person with a secret manuscript and a dream.

Many years later, Marni has published a bunch more books and Diana is about to unleash that secret manuscript on the world. This podcast is the culmination of many sleepless nights, afternoons spent on road trips, early morning coffee, and writing dates. Between the two of us, we've learned a few things that think might help others who hope to overcome the same obstacles we've faced in doing the one thing we both work really hard to be good at: writing and selling books.

While season one of I Make Words! focuses on what to do once you have a book and are trying to find a publisher, season two focuses on what happens after you have a path toward publishing.

We are pleased to provide support for this ongoing podcast and we hope our readers will enjoy it as much as they enjoy our authors' books.

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