BURNED. by Diana Rosengard now available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Burned., Diana Rosengard's follow-up novel to the critically acclaimed, Spooked. This is the second book in the Spooked. series.

We are excited to bring more of Callie and Izzy's adventures to our readers in Burned.:

As Astoria College students head back to campus for a new semester, Callie McCayter finds herself returning with some extra baggage in tow—namely her dead best friend, Izzy. And that’s not the only part of the past haunting Callie these days. Her waking hours are increasingly filled with otherworldly interactions, while sleep brings nightmares of an arsonist stalking the picturesque coastal town. Callie just wants to focus on her studies—and maybe a budding romance with a boy she can’t seem to quit—but when the fires turn out to be real, the stakes grow so much higher. Once you’ve been touched by magic, are you bound to get burned?

Due to the critical and commerical success of the Spooked. series, the digital edition of the third book in this supernatural suspense saga, Crushed. is already available for preorder through our Amazon and Barnes & Noble partners.

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